Dawn Aerospace


Our new class of vehicles will provide responsive, low cost hypersonic, suborbital and orbital access. We are leveraging the latest in design and manufacturing while working in a world leading regulatory framework.


About us


We have:

  • Built record setting rockets

  • Put hardware in space

  • Designed and certified aircraft worldwide

  • Lead teams and managed the business

  • Hold rare regulatory authorisations

Our team consists of engineers with a broad experience from a range of air and space OEMs, suppliers and consultants. From concept development to product certification, we conduct virtually all work in house to deliver ground-breaking, affordable solutions. Our team have a proven background in rocket propulsion, launch vehicle development, aircraft design, manufacture, certification and operations. Our vehicles will revolutionize the fields of hypersonic, high altitude and microgravity research.

  • Broad experience in aircraft system design, analysis, testing, certification, manufacture, maintenance and operations including close workings with FAA, EASA and CAANZ.

  • One founder is a Delegate of the Director of CAA, hence is delegated the powers of the Director with regards to aircraft design engineering.

  • Close workings with European research organisations such as TNO Netherlands and DLR Germany.