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Our new class of vehicles will provide responsive, low cost hypersonic, suborbital and orbital access. We are leveraging the latest in design and manufacturing while working in a world leading regulatory framework.

Dawn Funding Round Lead by Tuhua Ventures

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Dawn are very excited to announce a new funding round. The round, lead by Tuhua Ventures, was heavily oversubscribed with additional participation from Silicon Valley CTO Eric Swan, Innovation Quarter and Aera VC. The funding will be used to accelerate development of Dawn’s world leading satellite propulsion systems and reusable space launch vehicles.

MK-1 Vehicle Rocket power in flight

MK1 firing in flight 2.png

Today we brought together our engine, our learnings from our MK-0 vehicle and the basic MK-1 vehicle qualification to achieve rocket power in flight. 

All systems ran nominally however some issues with propellant pressure meant that only a single rocket activation was possible.  

MK-1 vehicle takes flight


Today we achieved a successful maiden flight for our MK-1 vehicle. We followed this maiden with two more flights that day.

Our MK-1 vehicle is the fastest and lowest cost route to developing the basic systems required to achieve autonomous, reusable rocket powered flight capability. The MK-1 integrates all the hardware and software from the MK-0 vehicle while adding the required payload to also carry our rocket engine and propellant. We have also added a recovery parachute and telemetry+up/downlink systems. The MK-1 has significantly higher performance (speed, altitude, endurance, etc) than the MK-0 vehicle. 

MK-1 Engine ground tests completed


A couple of months of development have paid off with our first from-scrach engine completing qualification testing. To date we have conducted over 50 burns without having to overhaul or conduct any maintenance. 

Proper reusability is a key requirement for our development path to space and this engine is a first step in demonstrating we can build low maintenance, completely reusable (not refurbishable) engines.