Dawn Aerospace


Our new class of vehicles will provide responsive, low cost hypersonic, suborbital and orbital access. We are leveraging the latest in design and manufacturing while working in a world leading regulatory framework.

Dawn have a broad range of experience in aerospace technologies. We can license or refine these technologies for you, contact us if interested.


PM200 Propulsion Module.jpg

Green Propulsion

Non-toxic, storable propellant based systems are the future. Hydrazine wont be tolerated much longer. We have experience developing these systems and can customise. 

Current space propulsion relies heavily on extremely toxic hydrazine propellants. Dawn  has successfully developed a family of satellite thrusters using storable and non-toxic propellants, ready to disrupt the space propulsion industry. Dawn can produce and supply these as a completely integrated, turn-key propulsion system. 

  • Cube-sat form-factor friendly

  • 0.5-120N thrust

  • Steady state ISP ~ 290s

  • Cold start/restart capable without catalyst bed

  • 100% ITAR free