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Our new class of vehicles will provide responsive, low cost hypersonic, suborbital and orbital access. We are leveraging the latest in design and manufacturing while working in a world leading regulatory framework.

World leading satellite Propulsion

PM200 FM no background.png

Complete cube-sat propulsion modules can be built as small as 0.6U (1U shown)


22N Hydrazine replacement thruster

Dawn Aerospace, in partnership with Hyperion Technologies, have successfully developed several propulsion systems using a novel propellant combination with the potential to replace hydrazine monopropellant thrusters and MMH/MON bipropellant systems.

The technology can easily be customized to your specific application.


• ESA launch standard qualified
• Thrust classes between 0.5N, 1N, 4N, 22N and 200N
• Specific Impulse up to 290 s
• Minimum impulse bit 35 mN.s
• Repeatability (3 σ) 5 mN.s
• Non-toxic storable propellants
• TRL of up to 8
• >230m/s dV from a 1U module (for a 3U satellite). Higher dV is easily achieved from larger modules.
• Fully customizable due to additive manufactured design
• Rapid, cold start capable
• REACH compliant
• ITAR free
• No thruster degradation over time
• Integrated thrust vector control for active disturbance torque compensation

“Your system significantly out performs the alternatives”

“In terms of development, you guys are definitely ahead of the competition”

- NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Non-toxic, storable propellant based systems are the future. Hydrazine wont be tolerated much longer.

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